10 Biggest ‘AI Things’ Google Launched In 2023

10 Biggest ‘AI Things’ Google Launched In 2023
10 Biggest ‘AI Things’ Google Launched In 2023

10 Biggest ‘AI Things’ Google Launched In 2023


“AI things” is quite broad and could refer to a variety of concepts or objects related to artificial intelligence (AI).

“AI things” might refer to the technologies and tools associated with artificial intelligence.

This could include machine learning algorithms, natural language processing systems, computer vision applications, and more.

“AI things” could encompass online services, platforms, or applications that heavily rely on artificial intelligence.

Examples include virtual assistants, recommendation systems, and chatbots.

The term might be used more casually to refer to instances where AI is integrated into daily activities, such as AI-driven recommendations on streaming platforms, AI-based features in social media, or AI-enhanced productivity tools.

Let’s dive into 10 of the biggest “AI things” they launched, each a testament to their innovative spirit and commitment to pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence:

1. Gemini AI Language Model:

Google finally entered the large language model (LLM) race with Gemini, its largest and most capable AI model at the time of launch.

This multimodal powerhouse understands and combines various information formats like text, audio, video, and even code. Its key features include:


Processes and generates different data types, leading to richer and more nuanced understanding.


Runs on smartphones to data centers, in three sizes (Ultra, Pro, Nano) tailoring performance to specific needs.


Available for researchers and developers through Google AI Platform, fostering collaboration and innovation.

2. Bard AI Chatbot:

This interactive experiment, powered by the Gemini Pro model, took Google’s AI interaction game to a new level.

Bard boasts enhanced capabilities for coding, visual content generation, and global accessibility.

It also paves the way for integration with Google Assistant, opening up exciting possibilities for voice-based AI interactions.

3. AI-powered Pixel Phones:

Google’s Pixel 8 series and the first foldable phone, Pixel Fold, showcased exciting advancements in on-device AI.

-Tensor G3 Chip:

Designed with future AI features in mind, it empowers faster and more efficient execution of AI tasks.

-Pixel 8 Pro with Gemini Nano:

Introduces on-device AI capabilities like “Summarize” in the Recorder app, demonstrating the potential for personalized and intelligent smartphone experiences.

-7-year Software and Hardware Commitment:

Ensures long-term support and updates, maximizing the lifespan of AI features on Pixel devices.

4. Search Generative Experience (SGE):

This Search Labs experiment leverages generative AI to create a more user-friendly search experience.

Through SGE, users can access AI-powered overviews that summarize relevant information, including text, images, and videos, offering a quicker and more comprehensive understanding of search topics.

5. AI for Social Good Initiatives:

Google continued its commitment to using AI for positive societal impact through:

-AI Safety Toolkit:

Provides resources and tools for developers to build safe and responsible AI systems.

-Climate Change Initiatives:

Utilizing AI to model and predict climate patterns, optimize renewable energy production, and develop sustainable solutions.

-Healthcare Applications:

Exploring AI for early disease detection, personalized medicine, and improved healthcare access.

6. LaMDA 3:

Building upon its predecessor, LaMDA 3 offered significant improvements in factual language understanding and reasoning, making it more adept at answering open ended, challenging, or strange questions in a comprehensive and informative way.

7. Google Duplex Update:

This update expanded Duplex’s capabilities to handle more complex tasks, such as booking restaurant reservations or making appointments.

This technology promises to streamline our daily interactions with various services.

8. Imagen for Artistic Expression:

This powerful image generation tool allowed users to create stunning artwork based on text descriptions.

Imagine describing your dream vacation home and having Imagen bring it to life in a photorealistic image!

9. Waymo Driverless Taxis Launch:

After years of development and testing, Waymo finally launched its driverless taxi service in Phoenix, Arizona.

This marks a significant milestone in the journey towards autonomous vehicle technology becoming a reality.

10. Responsible AI Development:

Google emphasized its commitment to responsible AI development throughout 2023.

Initiatives like the People + AI Research Initiative and the Explainable AI Toolkit demonstrate their focus on transparency, fairness, and accountability in their AI endeavors.


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