Deep into Thoughts


  1. Explaining and Expressing are the most important things to express our power of Understanding.
  2. Learning when to Argue and When to Stay Quiet is very important for Human Being.
  3. No Person is weak in Learning. Just their understanding capability is different for every person.
  4. The Word “NO” is a very powerful word that teaches us a lot of things and gives lessons that no book can give us.
  5. While playing any Game or War, First that war should be played in the mind then in the field.
  6. Every idea needs implementation, Focus, Smart Working and Smart Thinking.
  7. Staying Loyal to Somebody is very rare because our mind shuffles from time to time depending on the situation and person’s behavior toward us.
  8. Mahabharat Lessons are the Biggest lesson, Learning and Teaching that we should implement in our life.
  9. Instead of accepting the fact we keep telling lies to our Mind and Heart.
  10. Human being’s touch denotes feel like caring, loving, understanding and feel safe and protected.
  11. Some People have Problems with Minding their own business.
  12. Instead of Understanding the basic concept, try to understand why that thing is needed in maybe society, Company, Website, Application or Human being expectations then it might be easy to understand.
  13. Outcast is considered to those girls who don’t drink and who are weak and slow in learning and understanding some concept.
  14. When you are trying to keep secrets something and not get caught because of that secret is very hardest thing between lovers that can only cause problems in their life.
  15. Human beings have to push themselves to become from Dumb to Smart.
  16. Some thought wants to get out of our mind like a volcanic eruption but it gets hard to spill out from the mouth in the forms of words.
  17. Every Girl’s Mind is filled with tons of thought which is hard to stop when it hurts the most.
  18. Loving Someone is not hard but Understanding them becomes very hard.
  19. Watching Motivational video is not a big deal but the big deal is to implement in real life.
  20. Human Beings should start their own hard work instead of demanding and expecting from others.
  21. The Millionaire never stops and keep chasing towards dream and always keeps gaining knowledge and desire to grow more with skills and intelligence.
  22. Always provide your helping hand toward everyone who is willing to improve themselves.
  23. Human beings should always maintain a positive attitude in any critical situations.
  24. Human Beings nature should be like nature, calm, peaceful, motivational thoughts and happy always,
  25. Always stick hard and potential towards your routine that can help you improve yourself and make you stronger and rough tough.
  26. If health is Fine, you would be more able to focus on creating more wealth.
  27. Always make priority first towards health.
  28. Every human being should keep their Dream High for a successful life and tension free life.
  29. People who are clear with their vision and goals are the person who makes it possible to achieve their goals and is a great mentor for the youth.
  30. God has created women to build and improve society but to also build great human being.
  31. Every Mother has the power of Goddess, knowledge and makes correct decision.
  32. Human Being should get in the habit of speaking less and get it done through the action and work.
  33. Women think more smartly and in correct way and they can convince people by analyzing their thoughts and making them choose the right way.
  34. You should invest more time to be with millionaire and successful people to be great just like them.
  35. A Person should get in the habit of listening first then talk as listening can improve the understanding skill more.
  36. Millionaires have the great habit of not wasting their time and utilize it for learning and developing new skill.
  37. Peace of mind is hard to find but the hardest thing is no one knows the secret how to find the peace of mind in their life.

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